• <transcy>Mercancía oficial que hace crecer nuestra comunidad</transcy>

<transcy>Mercancía oficial que hace crecer nuestra comunidad</transcy>

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"Getting to be apart of this community has taught me not only about the mechanics of making a quality song, but how music can be more than just entertainment and truly used as medicine for the heart and soul."

- Clare

"Each song is its own beautiful story and being a part of its creation from start to finish is life changing. You get to experience a whole new world of ideas and friendships. Join our little cult, you won't regret it."

- Nicole

"This community has become more than just listening to Teo's amazing, passionate, and inspirational music and art. It has become a small family and support system for a lot of us. Thanks Teo ❤️."

- Brandy

"Joining this community has been one of the best things I have ever done. Not only have I gotten to see many of Teo's songs come together from start to finish which is magic on it's own, but I have joined a family that has changed my life for the better."


"The music between these gents is pretty sweet and the community they're cultivating in the process is absolutely worth the purchase 👌🏾"

- Donte